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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy:  A Tourist Attraction In Mt.Kenya Region .

Lewa wildlife conservancy is also known as Lewa downs, it was formed in 1995. The conservancy is a wildlife sanctuary that incorporates Ngare ndare forest which covers 62,000 acres of land. The conservancy was a re invention from Ngare-sergoi Rhino sanctuary that was established with a goal of protecting the last of Northern Kenya critically endangered black rhinos. Lewa gives a dramatic view of snowcapped Mt.Kenya and arid lands of  Tassia and II Ngwesi. The conservancy is home to 440 bird species and more than 70 different animal species that roam in the vast grass land.

About Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The conservancy is best known for rhino and gravy zebra breeding which are the two endangered species. The conservancy is fully fenced all around and hosts at least 10%of Kenya’s Rhinos and 20 % of Gravy Zebra. Over 150 rangers are employed by the conservancy to protect the animals from poachers. Lewa, does community outreach programs which includes healthcare, education, water projects and microfinance.

Black Rhino At Lewa Conservancy: Africa Endangered Species

The black rhinoceros are the most Interesting animals in the planet. The black rhino is one of the endangered species which is in jeopardy of extinction through poaching .Statistics in February 2013, shows the population of black rhino was estimated to be 4880 which was a decline by 30 from 50 years ago. Lewa conservancy has put forward conservation efforts that has steadily recovered over 600 black rhinos in Kenya. Despite the marked effort the black rhino still remains critically endangered.

Experience Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Tourist Destination

Lewa Wildife Conservancy is worth visiting because it’s a place to relax and enjoy watching different animal species and indulge in some fine accommodation. From Nairobi to Lewa conservancy is about 4hours drive .Lewa Wildlife conservancy offers gainful wildlife viewing all year round .Visiting Lewa in wet season can be interfered with by long rains and most lodges in reserve are closed.

The best season to visit Lewa is dry seasons which are between June and September which receives less rains and are sunny. During this period, tourist get the chance to watch a variety of animals, vegetation is thinner so visibility of animals is better. October to May are wet seasons and visitors can enjoy low season budget as well as the view of many newborn animals.

Lewa wildlife tourist attraction is a destination in Kenya that both local and international tourist should not miss. The conservancy gives one an opportunity to enjoy the view of rare, unique and endangered species such as black rhino and grey zebras. Tourists can indulge in fine accommodation in lodges at the conservation and others in surrounding areas such as Isiolo and Meru.

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