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Attractions in Meru – Top 6 Must-visit Places in Meru Town

When visiting Kenya, travel to Meru County in the Mount Kenya region. Meru is a fantastic travel destination for local and foreign tourists. All you need for a memorable and safe Meru trip is available, including first-class trip advisor hotels. Moving around is easy since Meru has an established transport network system. But, but which attractions in Meru can you consider? Meru County is not as captivating as the Mara but has glorious hidden treasures. Stay here to discover these tourist landmarks.

Meru National Park – Best for Wildlife Viewing and Camping

No Meru trip is complete without a visit to Meru National Park. The 870 kilometers park hosts a vast ecosystem with a large swamp, a lush jungle, and grassland plain. Meru National Park shelters birds, zebras, elephants, buffalos, reedbucks, and snakes. It is ideal for wildlife viewing, bird watching, hiking, and camping. 

Meru National Museum – Best Archives for Ameru Cultural Heritage

Meru National Museum is in an old building that has existed since 1916. The museum emerged in 1974. You will learn a lot about the Ameru people. Meru National Museum has an area with semi-permanent huts and a botanical garden full of medicinal herbs. Moreover, the museum displays historical documentation of the locals.

Ngare Ndare Forest – Has the best attractions in Meru in one place

Meru national park in Kenyais fabulous, but there are other smaller havens for tourists. One of its kind is Ngare Ndare Forest. It is an adorable tourist landmark because you can do many things simultaneously. Found at Mount Kenya foothills, Ngare Ndare Forest provides the best nature trails for hikers. 

The forest has a catchy waterfall and a canyon. If you love camping after thorough game drives, you can do it at Ngare Ndare Forest. Lastly, you can watch birds and other animals from a hanging bridge. 

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy – One of the top national parks in Kenya

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy began in 1995. Visitors mostly arrive here to view wild animals. You can see elephants, buffalos, black rhinos, lions, and leopards, the animals that make up the African Big Five. Other animals include cheetahs, giraffes, Grevy’s zebras, and birds. 

Mount Kenya National Park – View the second-highest African mountain 

Mount Kenya National Park is a wildlife shelter near the tallest volcanic mountain in the country. Mount Kenya bows only to Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya is the dominant feature in the region, and it is a UNESCO world heritage site. You can enter Mount Kenya National Park for game viewing, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, and more. 

Nyambene National Reserve – Makes up National Parks Kenya History

Nyambene National Reserve is near the Nyambene Hills. The unique thing you will find in this reserve is the Igombe crater. Resting at the northeast edge of Nyambene Hill, the Igombe crater is home to different wild animals. Like Meru National Park Kenya, Nyambene provides timeless game viewing and bird-watching opportunities. 

Final Word

Meru is among the best agricultural counties in Kenya. As you can see, it has magnificent places for tourists. Meru tourists should also tour the Giitune Sacred Forest, a jungle once guarded by a serpent. Other places of interest are the Devil’s Bridge Waterfall, the River Kathita waterfall, and Meru Equator Tamaduni Cultural Center.

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